James Bond Thunderball Scuba Mask

I just watched Thunderball that day and noted its predominantly filmed underwater.

Good to notice that the hand signal for going up is still the same but the bond girl holding turtle is so so so un-save the environment *nod head* 

Divemaster would have yelled at you.
...and they make love in the sea -.-" which my first thought was - GREAT, their Buoyancy Control must be darn good, otherwise they will kick up a lot of sand and killed a lot of corals...
See, knowledge really kills romance.

Anyway, what excite me the most is the SCUBA MASK! :) 

Note the picture above - the shape of MY scuba mask (which is the normal shape now)...

James Bond scuba mask!!! 
I likeeeeeeee.....

I hope its still available in the market ^.^


  1. Would also like to see YOU with that kind of mask ! ;-)


  2. LOL If I can find it I will :)

  3. I am really impressed with your work!! amazing pictures!! thanks for the share!!